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Oil & Gas Workover/well Servicing Rigs


Solidtech Engineering has been working with Easternwell Group since late 2005 to develop their rig solutions for the oil and gas industry.  Easternwell is building a strong track record of developing innovative solutions that increase efficiency, personnel safety and environmental sustainability.  A current expansion into the renewable energy industry and environmentally responsible solutions will see Easternwell Group become a leader in the Australian energy industry.

The rigs being so tall, large hook loads and wind speeds up to 130km/hr are design issues which significantly affect the stability of workover rigs. Typically guy lines are run from the top of the mast to an anchor pattern in the ground to stabilise the masts. Environmental concerns however forced Easternwell to alter their current methods of stabilisation and the decision was made towards the end of 2005 to remove the guy lines and incorporate outriggers on the base vehicle, thereby significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Solidtech Engineering took responsibility for analysis and reporting of the rig conversion. Using in-house and contracted finite element analyses, we were able to determine the modifications required for Easternwell to confidently make their changes.

Analysis and conversion of Rigs 1 & 2 from guy line to outrigger stabilisation are complete along with the ground-up design for Rig 8, a 70ft/180,000lb capacity workover rig, which has been successfully working in the field since early 2007

Rig 2 Analysis ResultsRig 2 Solidworks Modelrig 3 with guylines

Drilling Rigs

Easternwell moved into drilling rig manufacture and operation in 2008 and currently operate three 180,000lb Advantage Driller Rigs designed and built in-house.  The Advantage Driller is Australia’s first state of the art, fully automated, technologically advanced coal seam gas drilling rig.  It is also a comfortable and safe work environment that eliminates working at heights and minimises noise, environmental disturbance and manual handling requirements.

Solidtech Engineering supplied the design and drafting services for the crown, masts, subframes and platforms.  From the time of the first Rig’s deployment we have been providing first class engineering support for the continued refinement and development of the Advantage Driller Rigs and take pride in their in-field success.

Drilling RigDrilling Rig Model Renderrendered imageDrilling Rig

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