Fault & Failure Analysis


CustomVac Australia Pty Ltd

Customvac Australia Pty Ltd started in 1983 and initially marketed a range of pneumatic grain and feed handling equipment within Australia. Since 1983, Customvac has expanded its market to include grain management equipment with a client base not only throughout Australia but also in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia.

Drawbar Failures

One of CustomVac’s best products is the Agri-Vac series of pneumatic grain handling range of equipment. As a piece of mobile equipment capable of filling or emptying any storage structure at up to 100 tonne/hr, their clients rely on ability to relocate their units at will.

The Agri-Vacs are typically mounted on trailers with drawbar attachments, and while the Agri-Vac units themselves were highly reliable the imported trailers struggled to cope with Australia’s rugged conditions.

A number of failures had occurred on the drawbars of these trailers and Solidtech Engineering was asked to investigate. Through a process of examining both the operating conditions and the trailer’s fabrication we were able to show both the cause of failure and what the appropriate repair should be.

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