3D Printing

3D printing provides unrivaled rapid prototyping capability.  Rapid prototyping fits seamlessly into Solidtech's design and drafting processes, meaning we can quickly, easily, and affordably produce a scale model of your equipment or product.  While our vast experience in virtual prototyping means our designs consistently work better the first time, experience repeatedly demonstrates that there is no substitute for a physical product.

Solidtech utilises 3D printing as a design tool for a broad range of projects, from new product testing to trial fitting of complex assemblies.  Physical prototyping is an indispensable tool for:

  • Design validation
  • Physical testing
  • Rapid design iteration
  • Functional assessment
  • Marketing
  • One-off custom products

Solidtech has the capacity to produce rapid 3D prints up to 230 x 225 x 205mm in size, with accuracy up to 20 microns.